flotation spa capsule

The Float spa Premium Floating tank/cabin sistem has an attractive design and a profesional water treatment hygiene system.(just like in swiming pools) a user friendli upgradible software and a reiable,energy efficient hardware.

 In our floating tanks/cabins you can have a 30,60,90,120,or 180 minutes floating session of your choice enjoying,parameterized light.sound,and aromatherapy at the beginning and  at the end of your session,but for sensory deprivation fanatics,you can switch off all of these.The cristal clear and clean,hygienic salty water contains 30% MgS04(magnezium sulphate)

In the Float Spa Premium Floating Tank System the water stored separetaly from the cabin in a different water reservoir..The used water never stays in the cabin,the filterd and cleaned floating liquid  gets into the empthy cabin just when  your floating session starts.the cabin is emptied and cleaned totally  after your floating session and the whole amount of salty water  is pumped through the complex water cleaning  system and filterd in several ways before -and after every floating session. In the middle of your floating session you floating on the surface of the salty water  and  enjoy a weightless,silent ,peaceful,bodywarmenvironment(like in the mother womb)with no light ,no music,so your brain can relax(in sensory deprivation)and can get into a deep meditative(Theta)state automatically.In this state of mind-according to the literature-your body and brain can regenerate 4-5 times faster then during sleeping. This is a very effective way to get rid of stress and the MgS04 and flotation has several positive effects on your mind  and  body(spine,skin,muscles and joints)also.

pleace,check the internet and our website(www.floatspa.com)to find more positive effects of floating(researches from 1954)and magnesium suphate.

Literature:John C.Lilly-The deep shelf.Michael Huthison-The book of floating



For who do we offer our wellness product?

-For all the people who pay attention to their health ,want to relax,get rid of stress,learn to meditate and experience the positive effects of  floating and sensory depravition on their body and soul

-to new and existing Float centers as a business investment in a quickly growing segment (ROI calculation)

-Hotels,Spas to offer something new and innovative

-Sport,wellness,beauty and health centers

-Athletes,sportsmen,busy business people