salt rooms

The salt room is the latest feature of the Spa and Wellness Centre where you can experience the most modern therapy which is widespread in Europe and is becoming very popular in Bulgaria.

The halotherapy( salt therapy) is used for treating different illnesses.It help improve the immune system and increases the tonus of the body.It also helps treat different respiratory diseases of the air ways (chronic asthma,bronchitis,pneumonia,cough,sinusitis,seasonal allergies,hay fever,sesonal flu,virus infections and chronic inflammation of the ears),the circulatory system- high blood pressure,cardiovascular diseases,it helps people who have suffered a stroke to recover from it.It has a positive effect on different skin diseases-atopic eczema,acne,psoriasis,allergies.It helps treat peptic ulcer,duodenum,Crohn's disease,the nerve system-neurosis,stress,depression,chronic exhaustion.

A therapeutic microclimate,similar to the one in the salt caves,the pine forest and at the seaside,is created in the salt room thanks to modern technology(halo generator).The air in the room is rich in microelements 80% of which can be  found in the human blood plasma.

Fine salt particles of special medical alpine sodium chloride (1-3 microns) are dispersed in the air in the room during the procedure.

The salt room can be built from salt bricks or the walls,floor and ceiling can be entirely covered in salt (salt cave).

The salt room is suitable for:

-sportsmen and competitors before and after competitions

-singers and performers before and after shows

-smokers-to help them relief the cough

-everyone who would like to strengthen their immune system against diseases